Tips to avoid falling into the hands of cybercriminals

Online banking fraud is the order of the day. One of the most common in recent times is related to the alleged payment to suppliers. According to this fraud, the scammer tricks the victim into issuing a bank transfer under the belief that they are paying an invoice to a provider. In this post we tell you how Productos Colcar guarantees the safe payment of merchandise by its customers.

In recent months we have received various news of online banking fraud related to people very close to our environment. It is a shame! For this reason, we decided informing and protecting our clients and suppliers about this reality, we have decided to write this post in which we warn of these fraudulent actions against companies and from Productos Colcar as hot melt manufacturer we convey our firm rejection to cybercriminals.

A very common fraud

Third-person fraud is one of the most common. First that comes in mind when you think of a criminal action related to a financial institution.

This is a difficult fraud to recognize, in most cases. However, the dynamic is usually the following: the scammer pretends to be a trusted entity to deceive his victim and obtain confidential information from her.

According to this fraud, the offender tricks the defrauded person into issuing a bank transfer under the belief that they are paying an invoice to a provider.

We are facing a crime of fraud that allows us to take criminal action against the offender, whose identity, most times, is difficult to reveal, which makes it difficult to recover the amount defrauded.

How do we guarantee a secure payment?

Faced with such a situation, at Productos Colcar we want to transmit security and trust to all our clients. The operations we carry out are based on a direct and personal relationship with them.

In the event that we make a change into the bank account on which the invoice must be paid and the latter is not reflected in it, Productos Colcar will send you an informative email. This procedure will be double verified, since our administration department will proceed to contact you by phone thru your trusted person to inform you of the change. In this way, we will avoid fraud by third parties outside the entity.

We remind you that all our emails have the following domain ““, therefore, those emails received with a domain other than ours will not be valid. Please make sure that the domain of the email you receive does not have any letters or signs left or missing.

Fluid communication with our clients is very important for us. So much so that, we kindly reccomend if you have any doubt, we ask that you contact us by phone +34 933 379 81, we will be very pleased to help you solving it.

Tips to avoid falling into cybercriminals´ hands

Here are some tips to avoid falling victim to a scam:

  1. Check the spelling. Generally, when we receive a fraudulent communication (mail, sms …) the content reflects a series of very relevant spelling errors, which will raise suspicions.
  2. Check than communications don’t include suspicious links that invite you to click on them with the supposed intention of speeding up the economic transaction.
  3. If you have any doubt, at Productos Colcar we recommend you contact the company in question. A phone call can prevent a company or person from becoming a victim of cybercriminals.
  4. Verify that domain of the email you have received is that of the company to which to have to pay the invoice. In our case, ““.

If you need further information, you can contact us through

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