Company policy

Constant innovation, personalization, quality, service efficiency and environment respect are the five pillars of Productos Colcar SL work’s philosophy.

Continuous improvement: uone of the bases of our success is our laboratory, which is equipped with leading market technologies. Our last acquisitions: a unload installation for tanker truck of melt products, a new mixer with high capacity than the others and an infrared spectrophotometer for our laboratory.

Custom-fitted product: our R&D department made an accuracy analysis of customer necessities of every company to offer the best tailored solution. Personalization could go from a recommendation of changing or modification in a machine piece or some parameter to optimize it, until modifying viscosity level, colour, adhesion, open time or tack of a standard product.

Maximum quality level: our laboratory analyzed all productions and accepts or rejects them based on strict controls to guarantee to our customer that parameters of supplied products are always constants.

Quick service: normally we have a security stock in our warehouse. In this form, when customer ask for a product he don’t have to wait for manufacture time, only for transport time.

Respect to environment: we recycle the 99% of solid products. Our key principle is to arrive to “not throw out anything”, complying strictly with environmental and waste regulations.

With all of these points,  we treat to obtain the highest satisfaction of our customers.


We will keep you informed of all the latest news on Colcar products and in the sector.