Hot melt adhesives offer effective labeling on plastic bottles

Hotmelt para etiquetado eficaz de botellas de plástico

The labeling of a product is not trivial. Each container requires a specific glue that must be adapted to the characteristics of the labeling and the material from which the container is made. In this article we are going to focus on plastic bottles, in which case the bottling industries choose our hot melt adhesives […]

Transport workers’ strike also affects hot melt adhesives

huelga-transportistas_01Huelga transportistas hotmelt

After 16 days of stoppages, the transport strike continues after the National Platform for the Defense of Road Transport rejected the agreement between the Government and the transport employers’ association last Friday. A strike that affects all industries, including hot melt adhesives.

The bedding industry practices eco-friendly adhesion with Goma Soli 716 Rubber

adhesión ecológica Goma Soli 716

At Colcar Products we are not better than the competition, but we are different. This is because our ability to innovate and develop customised hot melt adhesives has become our DNA. In this post we are going to tell you how our Goma Solí 716 makes the difference with respect to other glues designed for […]

Colcar Products has its code of ethics and conduct

Código ético adhesivos hotmelt

Our actions affect not only ourselves, but also those around us. Many of our business decisions involve ethics, which is based on a set of values and principles that companies make available to their employees to express the ethical standards the organization has established. At Colcar Products, we have a code of ethics and conduct […]

Polyolefin-based hotmelt adhesives are winning over EVA-based adhesives

Do you know why the use of hotmelt adhesives developed on the basis of polyolefin is gaining ground and displacing EVA-based adhesives? This question has a very clear answer: the implementation of higher quality and more efficient products. In this post we tell you why this trend is changing and show you its multiple benefits.

Temperature disturbances reduce the effectiveness of hot melt adhesives

Cómo aplicar un adhesivo hotmelt

One of the elements that can negatively influence the effectiveness of hot melt adhesives is temperature. In extreme conditions, hot melt adhesives may not provide the same performance. In this post we tell you how you can maintain the effectiveness of hot melt adhesives and fulfill your purposes.

365 days to remember in the hot melt adhesive industry

With just a few days to leave 2021 behind, in Colcar Products we wanted to make a compilation of the most relevant moments that this leading company in the manufacture of custom hot melt adhesives for industries of very different activities has gone through. Goodbye 2021 and happy 2022!