Polyolefin-based hotmelt adhesives are winning over EVA-based adhesives

Do you know why the use of hotmelt adhesives developed on the basis of polyolefin is gaining ground and displacing EVA-based adhesives? This question has a very clear answer: the implementation of higher quality and more efficient products. In this post we tell you why this trend is changing and show you its multiple benefits.

In the market of hot melt industrial adhesives, there are two very versatile types of adhesives based on polymers which, due to their composition, offer a wide range of benefits to an infinite number of industries: EVA-based adhesives and metallocene adhesives -compounds based on a polymer obtained by the polymerisation of olefins, i.e. polyolefin-.

Each with its own properties and formulations, until some time ago, both hotmelt adhesives, 100% solid at room temperature, coexisted amicably in the market. However, in recent months we have seen a significant change in trend.

Now, polyolefin-based hotmelts are gaining ground over EVA-based hotmelts. The reason is simple: they are more efficient, their prices are becoming more competitive and they are being used more regularly by the industry. This is leading to an increase in market demand and, in many cases, their use is expanding considerably to the point where they are displacing EVA-based hot melts.

Latest news: new metallocene adhesive

Our laboratory works every day to offer more effective solutions adapted to our customers and sectors of activity. Proof of this is the recent addition of a new metallocene adhesive to our extensive catalogue of solutions. This is our hot melt Goma Solí M-2022,, developed especially for the manufacture of pocket springs for mattresses, a booming market, given the crisis in raw materials, especially the chemical products used for their development and formulation.

This product, which is also very useful for closing boxes used in the agri-food channel, requires less consumption than EVA-based glues, protects application equipment and has high thermal stability.

Our latest addition to the metallocene portfolio is M-2022, specially developed for the production of pocket springs.

Our catalogue of metallocene adhesives is completed with four references highly demanded by our customers:

  • Adhesives H-651 and H-661, ideal for the manufacture of displays, mostly used in the manufacture of plotters, although it is also often used in other types of edging machines, even manually.
  • Adhesives M-2002 and M-2003, which are widely used for sealing boxes and cases, both for the food sector and for those containers that are particularly difficult to close.

Advantages of polyolefin adhesives

Polyolefin-based adhesives offer a multitude of benefits. The following are some of the major advantages of using polyolefin adhesives:

  • They have a wider range of application.
  • They offer better adhesion at low temperatures.
  • They save energy.
  • They offer greater thermal stability.
  • They represent lower maintenance costs, as their application results in fewer downtimes and fewer gun and hose replacements.
  • Depending on the formulation, open times can vary considerably.

Now you decide which type of adhesive to use based on your demands!

However, if you need more information, you can contact us at  marketing@productoscolcar.com.

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