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Código ético adhesivos hotmelt

Our actions affect not only ourselves, but also those around us. Many of our business decisions involve ethics, which is based on a set of values and principles that companies make available to their employees to express the ethical standards the organization has established.

At Colcar Products, we have a code of ethics and conduct that expresses the passion with which we work every day to provide quality hot melt adhesives with the utmost respect for those around us.

“Ethics is nothing more than respect for life”. This is Albert Schweitzer’s fundamental principle of morality, which states that good consists in maintaining, promoting and elevating life; and that evil consists in destroying, affecting, injuring or limiting it.

This Franco-German physician, philosopher, theologian and musician has inspired us greatly, for one of his principles is that working for the common good is the highest creed. This statement is reflected in our Code of Ethics and Conduct, defined as “the principles, criteria and rules of conduct that should guide employees in the performance of their professional activities and tasks”. For it is clear that our actions affect not only ourselves, but also those around us. And many of our business decisions require ethics.

Our code of ethics has allowed us to face 2021 with great optimism, as we mentioned in our previous postAnd it is precisely this that has led us to reaffirm our leadership as one of the most solvent entities in the hot melt adhesives industry, through the application of prudent financial policy and risk management, as well as the collective work of its members.

Our Code of Ethics has given us a great deal of optimism going into 2021.

This leadership is based on one very important aspect: the passion that each member of Colcar Products has for their work, for their colleagues, for the product and, by extension, for the industry and the community around them!

This passion morally obligates us to be ethical to our people, our customers, our shareholders, our competitors, our suppliers and, of course, our community.

Code of Ethics and Conduct: Scope

Based on values such as respect, honesty and integrity, commitment, transparency and loyalty, professional responsibility and customer satisfaction, our Code of Ethics and Conduct ensures unity and consistency by demonstrating to third parties the company’s corporate culture.

This code of ethics commits us to act in accordance with values that guarantee responsible behavior and compliance with current legislation in all relations between the company and its employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and society in general.

Our Code of Ethics commits us to act according to values that guarantee responsible behavior in accordance with current legislation.

Our Code pays particular attention to managers, as they are the ones who must make and apply their decisions based on this Code. Thus, it binds employees, managers, directors, and even third parties such as partners, suppliers, service providers, external consultants, self-employed workers and temporary employees, among whom it promotes and encourages the adoption of the behavioral guidelines defined in this Code of Ethics.

5 employee obligations

Obligatory for employees and third parties who commit to it, the content of the code is part of the obligations that employees must fulfill in order to succeed and thrive in the workplace.

In this sense, we list 5 obligations that the employee must keep in mind as an integral part of a company:

  1. Act in a professional, safe and ethical manner.
  2. To know and respect the provisions of the Code of Ethics, as well as the applicable laws, regulations and internal rules.
  3. Promptly report any potential non-compliance with the law, our internal rules or this Code.
  4. Assist business partners in understanding the practical applications of our Code.
  5. Remember that pressure or demands based on business conditions can never justify action outside the law or behavior inconsistent with our standards.

Respect for laws and internal regulations

Laws are there to be obeyed. Therefore, employees who accept and are familiar with our Code of Ethics must comply with applicable laws, internal company procedures and the values and principles set forth in this document. But not only that, they must also commit to both reporting any non-compliance they detect around them and avoiding any behavior that could damage the company’s reputation or negatively affect its interests.

For its part, the company undertakes to respect and incorporate as internal regulations the provisions of national or international agreements and conventions which, depending on the activity carried out by the company – in our case, the chemical sector – may be binding on it.

11 advantages of a code of ethics

Having a code of ethics can bring a series of benefits to the company, both internally and externally.


  1. Helps employees, middle managers and executives know how they should act.
  2. Helps senior managers to act impartially in certain situations because the procedure to be followed is regulated.
  3. Promotes fairness among the members of the company, because the guidelines and criteria for professional performance are established, which promotes the commitment and loyalty of human capital.
  4. Establishes an agile and effective response to the resolution of conflicts of interest between employees and the company.
  5. Promotes the creation of a good working environment and ensures health and safety in the workplace.
  6. Increases the economic profitability of the company, through employee motivation.


  1. Minimizes crisis situations in the company, as conflicts are handled in the first instance and internally.
  2. Makes the best talents available to the company.
  3. Increases the confidence of investors and shareholders.
  4. Improve the company’s reputation, as it ensures the company’s good image.
  5. Increases the loyalty of consumers, suppliers and potential customers.

If you would like to know more about our  Code of Ethics and Conduct you can read it here.

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