Our sales and technical team talk to customer to find out their needs. With this information, our laboratory begins to carry out the necessary physical and chemical tests to ensure that our adhesive meets all the requirements. Some of these tests are:

  • Adherence
  • Viscosity
  • Melting and/or softening point
  • Open time
  • Setting time
  • Machine speed compatibility
  • Ageing
  • Thermal stability


In addition, we can help optimising the application of the adhesive on the machine the customer uses to apply the glue by adjusting machine parameters or modifying the adhesive formulation for maximum production performance. Our adhesives are compatible with all machines, application methods and production processes


Constant innovation and development

Our R&D&I department uses 80% of its time developing new formulas or adapting existing ones, and testing new technologies over and over again, until a tailor-made product is developed for the customer.

But our commitment doesn´t end with the manufacturing process, we extend it to post-production. We carry out exhaustive quality control to ensure that our design works perfectly and meets all the agreed requirements.

In our laboratory, equipped with the latest technical advances, is where we spend most of our time creating, researching and experimenting.

Our laboratory is always at the service of our customers to provide a fast response to their needs. Our teams are at our customers’ disposal at any time to carry out the necessary tests and trials to obtain a product with the best performance for its intended use.

In the last few months we have incorporated new machinery that allows us to minimise product development and manufacturing time in the plant: an 11,000 kg mixer, an infrared spectrophotometer, a penetrometer for waxes and adhesives and new hot-melt application guns.

Continuous innovation is vital to Colcar Products and over the years we have demonstrated this by being among the first to incorporate new technologies into our production.

Personalised service with
tailor-made adhesives


We will keep you informed of all the latest news on Colcar products and in the sector.