The bedding industry practices eco-friendly adhesion with Goma Soli 716 Rubber

adhesión ecológica Goma Soli 716

At Colcar Products we are not better than the competition, but we are different. This is because our ability to innovate and develop customised hot melt adhesives has become our DNA. In this post we are going to tell you how our Goma Solí 716 makes the difference with respect to other glues designed for pocket springs of mattresses that are commercialised in the market. 

Surely you already know this, but just in case we want to remind you that at Productos Colcar we develop customised industrial adhesives for a wide range of sectors, from books, mattresses, box closures, tiles, labels, to agricultural covers, among others.

Pioneers in the manufacture of hot melt adhesives in Spain, one of our most important values is the ability to innovate without losing sight of sustainability. An aptitude that makes us different from the competition and that we achieve thanks to the work of our team. Sales and technical staff detect the needs of our customers in order to offer them solutions that meet their needs. This is the only way to be sure that the adhesive meets the purpose for which it was developed.

Goma Soli 716, a very sustainable adhesive

The concept of “sustainability” is becoming increasingly popular among companies seeking a balance between economic growth, care for the environment and social wellbeing. However, at Productos Colcar we have been showing our respect for the environment at its best for some years now.

In this sense, our innovation department never ceases in its efforts to seek sustainable formulations that, in addition to being effective, minimise environmental impact. We use environmentally sustainable resources and products for our developments because… we are becoming more and more green!

In this relentless pursuit, we have developed a product specially designed for the bedding sector, specifically for pocket springs in mattresses, although to a lesser extent it can also be applied to the closing of boxes. This is Goma Solí 716 rubber.

Our respect for the environment has led us to develop the formula of our Soli 716 rubber, ideal for the rest sector.

Benefits of Goma Soli 716

There are many advantages offered by our Goma Soli 716. However, the main one is based on the opportunity it gives our customers to practice “green bonding”.

As efficient as it is environmentally friendly, we list below a series of benefits that Goma Soli 716 provides and that differentiate it from the rest of the glues on the market.

  • It is non-polluting, the absence of solvents in its formula makes it a very environmentally friendly glue.
  • It does not show flammability problems.
  • Its manufacture promotes the reduction of the carbon footprint.
  • It allows to work about 30 ºC lower than most adhesives developed for this purpose. This means:
    • Lower electricity consumption, thus reducing the carbon footprint, while saving money on electricity bills.
    • Greater durability of the equipment, as by working at lower temperatures, the glue oxidises less, preventing the formation of scale.
  • Easier to work with lower pressures, so compressors, hoses and nozzles suffer less during the application of the adhesive. This will extend the life of the machine.
  • The open time is very short, thus ensuring that the bonding between substrates is fast and secure.
  • Although the adhesion is similar to that provided by other adhesives, Goma Soli 716 provides very good flexibility.
  • It is designed to have a higher breaking strength than the usual TST fabrics (non-woven fabrics), so that, when force is exerted on them, it will break the fabric before the adhesive.
  • It provides high yields, as with low quantities applied (g/m) it offers high breaking forces, guaranteeing excellent bonding.

As you can see, the use of Goma Soli 716 provides endless benefits not only to the final product, but also to the companies that decide to use it. In fact, by applying a very small amount of the adhesive, at lower temperatures and pressures, Goma Soli 716 will not only generate considerable economic savings at the end of the year, but will also certify your respect for the environment.

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