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How many times have you participated in a raffle or contest for which you needed a soft drink label? Many, right? And, in some cases, getting the label off the ground was a very difficult task. Explanation can be found in that, surely, bonding has been carried out using hotmelt adhesives, very resistant and durable, ideal for plastic containers. Next, we will tell you about its benefits.

The label of a product is a “piece of paper, cardboard or other similar material, generally rectangular, that is placed on an object for identification, valuation, classification, etc…” This is one of the meanings that the Royal Spanish Academy collects in its dictionary to define this term specifically known to all.

It is an element that, in addition to identifying the product, projects its image and that of the manufacturer, and our objective is to inform about the characteristics of the product, how to use it and, in some cases, legal aspects related to the handling and use of the product  itself.

To the consumer, label not only allows them to learn more about the product, but also helps them in their decision-making. Because, let’s not forget that the image is one of the factors that interpose in the purchase decision. In this sense, as we already mentioned in the post about the benefits of hotmelt adhesives for food packaging, the proliferation of new references forces the manufacturer for constant innovation and product differentiation with the aim of obtaining the attention of the consumer by designing personalized labels.

Hotmelt adhesives deliver the best results for labelling plastic containers

Consumer is captivated by showing an impeccable product that looks elegant, but also resistant and durable! There is a lot to do with the used glue and  hotmelt adhesive is postulated as offering one of the best results provided.

Secure labeling with hotmelt

Adhesivos hotmelt para botellas de vidrio
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Vast majority of products we currently purchase have labels. Different sizes, styles and colours, but all of them must fulfil the premises previously described.

Productos Colcar has a wide range of adhesives to achieve successful adhesion of the label to this product. To achieve this, we adapt our solutions to all the application system (injector, roller, and spiral) as well as the speed of label placement that, in certain industrial processes, determines its efficiency.

Our customized solutions adapt to all kinds of demands

Among all the adhesives that Productos Colcar custom designs for food labeling, today we are going to focus on those for plastic bottles, with PET being the most popular type of plastic among food and non-food product packaging due to its resistance, thermal stability and transparency.

When opting for one or the other, we must know that each bottle requires certain glue that must be adapted to the characteristics of the labeling and the material from which the container is made.

The most effective solution is the use of hotmelt adhesives. Using this alternative of casein adhesives is optimizing for gluing paper or plastic labels on plastic containers, but also on materials such as glass, metal, paper and cardboard.

Benefits of hotmelt labeling

Compatible with all machines, application methods and production processes, hotmelt adhesives are in high demand for the labeling of mineral water bottles, carbonated beverages, juices, oil and sauces for their multiple benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Very good adhesion to plastics.
  • High flexibility in a wide range of temperatures.
  • High initial adhesion.
  • Low application temperature (resist up to 40ºC below zero).
  • Resistant to humidity, permits good appearance of the label during the useful life of the product.
  • Low viscosity.
  • It is odourless.
  • It gives off low emissions.
Productos Colcar Hotmelt Food industry
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Solutions adapted to our clients

Our laboratory does not rest and day after day carries out pertinent tests (physical and chemical) until making sure that the adhesive you need meets all the requirements.

We go further. In order to offer you the best, we help you optimize the application of the adhesive on the machine you use to distribute the glue, adjusting its parameters or modifying the adhesive formula to obtain maximum production performance.

Specifically, for gluing plastic labels we have a wide range of hotmelt adhesives. Among them For instance, our hotmelt adhesives H-60, H-63 and H-94, a range designed to fulfil various functions, sold with different viscosities for different types of machinery with very different manufacturing speeds.

In any case, depending on the type of material you need to glue each other, we will recommend one adhesive or another. For instance, H-95-B is an adhesive capable of processing up to 100,000 units per minute; while H-601, having viscosities much higher than usual, is used for courier envelopes such as DHL or Amazon (in the case of e-commerce boxes).

All these products guarantee an impeccable result!

If you need more information about application of these plastic packaging adhesives, you can contact us throught

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