Paper bags find a great ally in hot melt adhesives

Use of paper bags is becoming more and more widespread. The high capacity to biodegrade and recycle of this type of bags has contributed to its popularity increasing exponentially among various sectors of activity, for whom manufacturers design safe references using hot melt adhesives.

There is no doubt that the use of paper bags is becoming more popular over plastic ones, mainly due to the fact that they are biodegradable and can be recycled. In many industries -textile, pharmaceutical, catering, etc … – but especially in the food industry, they are used to market a wide range of products, many of them in bulk.

There are infinite type of paper bags on the market. They come in different grammage, thickness, color or type of handle. Made of laminated paper, cardboard, fine or glossy paper, printed … Any of them must meet the main objective for which they are designed: resistance to all types of loads, from the lightest to the heaviest. This guarantee, highly demanded by the manufacturer of paper bags, is only achieved by applying hot melt adhesives, such as those manufactured by Productos Colcar. For both the sealing and the adhesion of the handles, the hot melt adhesives create a strong and fast adhesion at the time of application.

Hot melt adhesives for paper bags

The application of hot melt adhesives in manufacturing paper bags intervenes in various phases of their production.

For example, in single-layer bags, hot melt adhesive is used to bond the side seam. Since these are fast glues, the bonding between the substrates will be done in a very short time.

Bonding of the handles (smooth, curled cord, stamped …) is also nourished by hot melt adhesives. In most cases, strips of paper are used that fold and adhere to the finished bag. Hot melt adhesives are used in this phase due to their fast adhesion and their ease of joining any type of surface.

In bags with folded bottom, the use of this type of hot melt adhesives has also spread. These are able to create a strong and fast adhesion at the time of application and guarantee an airtight seal.

In any of the cases, it must be taken into account that hot melt adhesives have a higher performance and their application is very simple, which favors the reduction of times and, in addition, favors high-speed productions without creating threads.

What hot melt adhesives can be use?

Productos Colcar offers you a range of hot melt adhesives that, in addition to being innovative and resistant, are compatible with all machines, application methods and production processes.

For example, our hot melt Goma Soli B-428 is ideal for fixing handles, while Engomados 8R is used to seal the bottom of bags. These products, tested under the most extreme conditions, guarantee an effective result that results in safety when transporting the desired product.

Both products guarantee …

  • Quick adhesion.

  • High resistance to high temperatures.

  • Wide flexibility at low temperatures.

  • An excellent gluing on the most common papers.

  • Low odor and low emissions.

  • High fiber breakage when trying to peel it off.

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