Hot melt adhesives offer effective labeling on plastic bottles

Hotmelt para etiquetado eficaz de botellas de plástico

The labeling of a product is not trivial. Each container requires a specific glue that must be adapted to the characteristics of the labeling and the material from which the container is made. In this article we are going to focus on plastic bottles, in which case the bottling industries choose our hot melt adhesives for a safe and efficient adhesion.

Although it may not seem like it, hot melt adhesives are very present in our lives. These ones are used in different industrial sectors and for various applications.

Among all the adhesives that Productos Colcar designs for food product labeling, in this article we are going to focus on those for labeling plastic bottles, being PET the most popular material in the food sector.

In this sense, we will tell you that our team designs hot melt adhesives for all types of paper or plastic labels, depending on their placement:

  • Fronts: they cover only a part of the container and can be placed on any surface.
  • Wraparound: they completely cover the sides of a container and their edges overlap to make a seam. They are widely used on bottles.
  • Shrink bands: these are flexible and adhere by shrinking the elastic material from which they are made.

There is no doubt that the gluing of these graphic elements that show the identity of a product must be performed efficiently. This is how bottling industries consider it, the final link between a satisfactory production and a successful sale.

Hot melt ideal for the bottling industry

At Productos Colcar we design a wide range of glues to achieve a successful adhesion between the label and the container. To this end, we adapt our solutions to both the application system (injector, roller, spiral, etc.) and the speed at which the label is applied, which, in certain industrial processes, determines the efficiency of the process.

Tested on the production line, our hot melt adhesives fully meet the demands of the bottling industry, which already relies on us for the performance of its activity.

Our hot melt adhesives achieve a very “aggressive” bonding on plastic containers

As versatile as they are efficient, our H-95 and H-95-B glues are formulated for high-speed production. In particular, the latter is an adhesive capable of processing up to 100,000 units per hour.

In addition to being used on high-speed machines, these adhesives are used on cold and moist bottles in both reel-fed and spray systems. 

But it is our “green” philosophy that encourages us to keep on designing these adhesives. By applying these hot melt adhesives, we achieve continuous and reliable operation. In this way, we reduce waste and shorten downtime. But we also increase cost savings by reducing consumption and, consequently, reducing inventories.

Benefits of hot melt adhesives for labeling

Any of these hot melt adhesives guarantees an impeccable result, as they do not dirty the edges or yellow. Perhaps for this reason, bottling companies choose them to label their bottles because, in addition, they have many benefits, among them:

  • Very good adhesion to plastics.
  • High thermal stability and ample resistance to humidity.
  • High flexibility in a wide range of temperatures.
  • They are colorless, which gives them perfect transparency in the off-label aspect.
  • They can be applied at low temperatures (once the adhesive is applied, they withstand up to 20ºC below zero).
  • They do not give off odors.
  • They are characterized by low viscosity.
  • They give off few emissions.
  • During application, they leave no threads, no carbonization or gelling, and no adhesive build-up to interfere with production.

Recycling unused adhesives

Before ending this article, we would like to remind you that at Productos Colcar we respect the environment by recycling adhesives that are not used to produce new ones, as long as they are similar in their formulation and in reduced quantities to avoid compatibility problems.

But we have also achieved something very difficult: to recycle those hot melt adhesives already used and compatible with recycling, thus avoiding that they affect the capacity of the adhered product to be recycled.

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