Delivery and efood target the use of hotmelt adhesives

How good a popcorn feels on an autumn Sunday afternoon! An appetizing hamburger with its garnish does not hurt either …
Come on, let’s stop salivating for a moment and focus on finding a link between these delicacies. You find it? Well, both, if you requested a home service, you would receive them in cardboard containers and packaging, surely, sealed with hotmelt adhesives.

More and more catering businesses, bars, restaurants and cafes are opting to delivery service to satisfy their customers. Even more now, in times of pandemic, in which the crowds in hospitality establishments and the fear of sharing closed spaces with more people force us to order food and drink at home if we do not want to give up our culinary whims.

This change in consumer habits has transcended the restaurant channel to establish itself in other commercial channels. Retailers, hypermarkets and supermarkets have also seen how e-commerce has strengthened their sales.

The e-food (online food) is emerging as a new commitment to large retailers and the packaging used to meet the demands is the key.

And you may wonder, what do hot melt adhesives have to do with all this? Well, very simple. The assembly and closing of cardboard boxes and cases used for home delivery is another industry in which hot melt adhesives are used to achieve perfect finishes.

100% user experience with hot melt adhesives

In recent months, delivery food has had an exponential growth. As this booming practice spreads, concerns about sustainability grow within the business sector.

This ecological awareness joins the commitment to functional, comfortable and original packaging that meets two premises: quality and safety.

Quality of both its manufacturing and used materials, as well as the safety of food products, that is, that the food arrives at its destination in perfect condition and, of course, that the packaging does not put the health of consumers at risk.

In reality, all the qualities that we have been mentioning lead to a single objective: the user experience. Because food e-commerce can only grow if users trust the food they buy, those who sell it to them and those who take it home.

At Productos Colcar we manufacture custom made hot melt adhesives, ideal for cardboard food boxes

At Productos Colcar we contribute to a 100% user experience by manufacturing a wide variety of tailored made adhesives, very safe and adapted to the specific needs of each client.

Safe packaging

Not unaware of this new trend, at Productos Colcar we offer a wide range of highly efficient products, ideal for adhering paper and cardboard to other types of substrates, as well as for closing boxes of different sizes and volumes.

For the closing of boxes and cases, for the handles of paper bags, the gluing of labeling, assembly …

You can check our range of articles here and discover how we can help you to achieve cardboard packaging with quality finishes that respect food safety criteria.

In this post you can find out about other benefits of hot melt adhesives, which make them perfect for this segment.

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