Transport workers’ strike also affects hot melt adhesives

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After 16 days of stoppages, the transport strike continues after the National Platform for the Defense of Road Transport rejected the agreement between the Government and the transport employers’ association last Friday. A strike that affects all industries, including hot melt adhesives.

In the midst of the crisis caused by the sectoral strike in the road transport sector, the country is still paralyzed. Despite the fact that last Friday the Government and hauliers closed a pact to find a solution to the rise in fuel prices, the National Platform for the Defense of Road Transport – representing 85% of SMEs – has decided to continue the strike because they claim that the pact does not include their main demand: the immediate prohibition of working at a loss.

This is the reason why the minority organization of self-employed and SMEs that has called the strike insists that it will maintain the strike despite the fact that the Government proposes an agreement that could be implemented through a package of measures of 1,000 million euros that include bonuses for fuel, direct aid and an extension of the maturity of ICO credits, as well as a new line of credit.

Representatives of the Platform recognize the impossibility of starting up without having signed agreements that are immediately put into effect. “We can not fall into traps or promises that do not fix anything, we have come this far to get to resume the activity, but with the guarantees of not working to ruin us and if we can do it with dignity, both economically and labor”, they say from their website.

The hot melt adhesives sector is suffering

As a result, there are many companies affected by this stoppage in the transportation of goods, some of which have had to stop their activity due to the lack of raw materials. At Productos Colcar we are having great difficulties in receiving raw materials necessary for the manufacture of our hot melt adhesives.

A problem that we are “weathering” thanks to the good management of the team that, foreseeing the possible consequences derived from this stoppage, has been managing in advance the purchases from our suppliers in order to reduce the collateral effects of the strike.

The team’ s good management is reducing the collateral effects of the carriers’ strike.

It is true that this interruption in transport activity is also affecting the delivery of orders to our customers. Specifically in Andalusia, many have been forced to temporarily paralyze their factories as a result of the supply problem of some products. Precisely, our orders and logistics department is advising them to anticipate their purchases so that, as far as possible, they can avoid the shortage of materials in the supply chain, at least on our part.

As you know, for Productos Colcar our customers are the most important thing. For them we work every day making it possible that orders are always delivered on time and in the right way. Our customers are 100% satisfied because at Productos Colcar we always aim to achieve both the quality of the product we manufacture – custom-made hot melt adhesives – and the quality of the services we provide.

Our customers are 100% satisfied because we offer them product and service quality.

What’s more, we are ethical with them and offer them responsible adhesion by using glues that are as effective as they are environmentally friendly.

Strikes continue today

For the time being, the stoppages will continue today, Monday. After the meeting held by the convening platform with the Minister of Transport, Raquel Sanchez, last Friday, March 25, the president of the platform, Manuel Hernandez, announced that the protests would continue as they did not reach an agreement on a law prohibiting contracting at a loss.

Let’s hope that this situation is resolved soon and that both the hot melt adhesives sector and the rest of the affected industries in our country can return to normality.

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