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Now a days when consumers’ environmental awareness is on the rise, companies of a very diverse nature are betting on using resources and products that are sustainable with the environment. At Productos Colcar we are 100% onto this trend, so we develop tailored adhesive solutions that, in addition to being effective, minimize environmental impact.

Being leaders at manufacturing industrial custom made adhesives is not trivial. In achieving this status, many aspects intervene, among them, our proven experience in the sector, as well as quality and service that we provide to our clients, but also the development of customized products that respect our environment.

For us, the manufacture of sustainable hot melt adhesives is a necessity. These hot melt adhesives, in addition to complying with a series of guidelines that avoid or, failing that, minimize the environmental, economic and social impact, offer our clients the opportunity to practice “responsible adhesion” through the use of glues that are as effective as they are respectful with the environment.

Usage of this type of adhesives contributes to the conservation of very valuable resources used in the manufacture of hot melt adhesives, as well as to the protection of our employees and customers, one of the most valuable assets that any company has.

Because caring for and protecting our planet is a necessity. It provides us with all the natural resources we need to be able to live. Therefore, keeping it healthy should be a general obligation, both for companies and individuals.

Sustainable innovations

At Productos Colcar we are committed to renewable energies to build a more sustainable world in which to live.

We bet the use of efficient systems and application of environmentally friendly practices to develop sustainable innovations that preserve “health” of our “home”. Solutions that, of course, help our clients to achieve their sustainability goals in an optimal way.

Hot melt adhesives that we manufacture have a positive impact on environment, since they do not generate waste and, in addition, they are reusable and recyclable. These hot melt adhesives are tested by a professional team always up to date with current regulations for these purposes.

Renewable materials

It is widely known that hot melt adhesives are formulated with raw materials based on fossil fuels derived from petroleum. However, in response to the demand for more sustainable solutions, our laboratory has succeeded in replacing some of these components with renewable, ecologically based materials.

Efficient consumption

In order to achieve a greener world, we promote efficient consumption of the energy used in the production of mattresses.

The reason is because our hot melt adhesives, once applied, do not require waiting times or energy consumption to seal the glue. In this way, its packaging can be done at the same time without further problems.

Solid recycling

In our company we also recycle 99% of our solid product. Our maxim is to reuse everything and throw nothing away, in strict compliance with environmental and waste regulations.

We are fully committed to the environment in which we live. Sustainability, both in the adhesive manufacturing process and in the adhesive itself, is total. So much so that we work daily to achieve solutions that minimise environmental impact and allow us to enjoy a healthy and safe planet.

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