Productos Colcar, S.L. protects you and protects its employees against COVID-19

Spread out of Covid-19 in our country, in particular, and in the world, in general, is a sad reality. Managing this chaotic situation is a must. For this reason, Productos Colcar S.L. has adopted a series of safety and hygiene measures at work with the sole purpose of protecting our employees, customers, suppliers and all the habitants of the planet. We hope that we will return to normal soon and that this health crisis will come to its end causing least possible damage.

Due to the serious situation caused by the rapid expansion of Covid-19 throughout the world, from Productos Colcar, S.L. want to communicate that we are following continuously information  minute about the exceptional measures that the Government of Spain and the competent authorities have determined with the aim of stopping the spread of this deadly virus. Some measures of confinements that does nothing but watch over the physical integrity of people and avoid their exposure to contact.

Committed to the safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and all the citizens of our planet in general, at Productos Colcar S.L. We have adopted each and every one of the demanding and necessary measures set forth in Article 116 of the Constitution that regulates the current state of alarm and Operational Criterion 102/2020 on Measures and actions of the Labour and Social Security Inspection in situations derived from the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

Our aim is to manage this chaotic situation in the best possible way, appealing to the union, professionalism and solidarity of the entire team that makes up Productos Colcar, S.L. to continue developing our activity in order to offer you the best service.

We comply with the protocol related to the safety and health of workers

This is the reason why, our production buildings are carrying out their activity on a regular basis, exhaustively complying with the protocol related to the safety and health of workers. According to this, all our employees have the established safety distance of 2 meters; have adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is safe and operated with proper hand washing.

Likewise, our warehouses and carriers continue to fulfil the commitments acquired with our clients and suppliers. Our sales service operates normally preparing orders and making scheduled deliveries quickly, always applying the safety and hygiene protocols established by the World Health Organization (WHO) -respect the safety distance established permanently without leaving the truck at the moment delivery of the product and use the appropriate PPE.

Outside of our will, we do not rule out that our daily activity may suffer future incidents derived from the restrictions stipulated at the level of the Spanish and European state. If so, we would act accordingly to reduce any impact that we may cause.

Telecommuting to meet your demands

In this sense, we inform that in compliance with the recommendations, part of our staff is carrying out their professional activity from their homes. Thus, we have put at your service all the necessary tools to telework in order to satisfy your needs via email or telephone.

Our social commitment is vital in front of this health crisis. From Productos Colcar S.L. We will continue to scrupulously adopt the measures dictated by the Executive to safeguard our health, your health and that of all those around us.

From these lines we appeal to collective understanding and we extend our sincere support and gratitude to all those who daily contribute to combat this health crisis!

Remember: your safety is everyone’s. #Stayathome.

Thanks so much!

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