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Motivación equipo de trabajo Colcar

For many companies that make up Spanish business network, human capital is, if possible, the most important asset they possess. Productos Colcar S.L. as manufacturer of custom made hotmelt adhesives is among the entities that strive every day to improve the well-being of its workers, so that they feel comfortable, valued and satisfied.

The success of our company depends largely on the motivation of our employees. They optimize their time and energy to develop their activities to maximum, as they are sufficiently motivated.

Productos Colcar S.L. has never stopped worrying about its workers. By and for them, management team of the Catalan company continually strives not only to devise and develop actions that exponentially increase their motivation, but also to promote conditions and an environment work in which employees feel comfortable, valued and satisfied.

Bienestar laboral

For Productos Colcar S.L., well-being of its employees is essential. Workers who are intellectually and emotionally committed to the company shares a series of beliefs and attitudes that, taken as a whole, only makes the company healthier.

Social, economic and environmental improvement

As we revealed in one of our previous posts, Productos Colcar S.L. is an organization committed to social, economic and environmental improvement. A philosophy that is based on the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and that we comply with, among other things, regarding our commitment to workers.

Fair wages, conciliation with family and work of employees are some of the measures that Productos Colcar, S.L. carried out to achieve our employees well-being

“We will continue adopting corporate responsibility programs, according to the needs of our team,” ensure the managers of Productos Colcar, SL, who allocate fair wages and benefits, favor the reconciliation of family and work life, instill respect for diversity, develop internal promotion actions and, of course, raise awareness and sensitize the human team on the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle inside and outside the work environment

Win to win: everyone benefited

It is evident that the relations between managers and workers are successful when what is offered by both parties is a consideration to achieve common objectives. That is exactly the objective that Productos Colcar, S.L. has set for this year. In other words, achieving a win to win situation in which both managers and the human team and the environment are the beneficiaries so that the production of hotmelt adhesives is a complete success.

Trabajo en equipo Colcar

To do this, we will develop a series of actions such as:

  • Comply with legal regulations in the workplace.
  • Integrate preventive activity in the company in all phases of activity and hierarchical levels and encourage consultation and participation of workers.
  • Answer the doubts that the employees have and advise them on any aspect.
  • Create standards of conduct for all and ensure compliance. In this way, we will eradicate any unfair situation between employees.
  • Create an environment of equality in which the entire human team enjoys social and cultural diversity.
  • Provide adequate training according to their jobs and promote the transmission of knowledge between employees.
  • Promote the personal development of employees, executing internal promotion lines.
  • Guarantee a sustainable work environment with the environment, promoting waste management, among other aspects.

“We work and we’ll keep working so that in the working environment of Productos Colcar, S.L. will be diversity and involvement, as we firmly believe that the bigger this is, the better ideas-solutions and the greater creativity-talent will be ”, managers add.

Only in this way “we all win”: Our company because it benefits from each of the people on the team and employees because they grow personally and professionally by feeding each other.

Dual mision

Our objective is not based solely on improving the image we project abroad. We also focus our responsibility on the internal factors of the leading company in the design of custom hotmelt adhesives.

In this regard, we will continue to care about the assets that enter and leave our dependencies every day, that is, our human team as a component of society.

This manufacturer of hotmelt adhesives will never stop worrying about human team

“We are convinced that by improving our work environment we will help improving our planet.”

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