Benefits that hotmelt adhesive deliver to food packaging

The use of hotmelt adhesives is widespread in various industries. Food is one in which your application has experienced remarkable growth. And we are facing an increasingly demanding consumer, who demands elegant and practical packaging, with high end quality finishing and that, above all, respect health & safety criteria of food.

Not everything is valid. In the 21st century, the vast majority of consumers have become very demanding. Demanding when choosing the foods that fill their pantries. Demanding with the quality of these foods, but also with the packaging that goes with it.

One study published by Goldstein, Almenberg, Dreber, Emerson, et. Cols. 2008. The American Association of Wine Economists reveals that the pleasure obtained from consuming a wine depends both on its intrinsic qualities (taste and aroma) and on external aspects (price and presentation).

And it is not for nothing, because the organoleptic properties of the products that we demand are, if possible, as important, as the packaging they show. A reality closely linked to neuro-marketing, a science that reveals that our brain responds to agri-food marketing actions in a very specialized way and mirror neurons play a fundamental role.

Therefore, those feelings that one brand transmits may not have been negatively changed by the way it is presented, hence the packaging design has become a key element in the presentation and recognition of a product.

Safe packaging

When a company plans to design new packaging for its products, what they wants is to provide their clients with differentiation of their brand and references, and to reflect, above all, quality, innovation, design and respect for the environment.

In its catalogues, traditional cases and containers coexist with unusual formats, but all of them manufactured with materials that provide high performance and, above all, respect current regulations on containers and packaging.

To accomplish, manufacturers will look for solutions that protect the quality of their products. They will search to trusted suppliers that guarantee maximum security and, at the same time, achieve high performance that helps maximize the value of their products.

Here it is where hotmelt adhesive plays an important role. The hotmelt adhesives that Productos Colcar manufacture and distribute offer an excellent performance in sealing of boxes and cases for food industry. Its composition does nothing but delivers a very efficient and safe adhesion that provides added value to packaging and, in turn, guarantees food safety.

To be able achieving this, the company based in Rubí (Barcelona) has its own resources that guarantee that the adhesives are safe, attending not only to materials, but also to industrial processes.

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At Productos Colcar we manufacture safe hot-melt adhesives for the food industry

Minimization of risks at production lines

When it comes to safety, choosing a safe adhesive is not enough. The responsibility of food manufacturers goes further and the vast majority do not cease in their efforts to minimize the additional risks that may be surgical on the packaging line, including the incorrect application of the adhesive, temperature application or the right location of the adhesive on the packaging.

All these factors could negatively affect the safety of final food products and, therefore, could put consumer’s health at risk.

Not oblivious to this reality, at Productos Colcar we help our clients to take careful care of this phase of the process to avoid any setback. In this sense, we put at your disposal all our experience and recommendations for it to culminate successfully.

Hotmelt adhesives performance for packaging

It was the 1960s when the use of hotmelt adhesives in the packaging sector began to become widespread. Around this time, manufacturers were looking for new solutions that favor them the optimization of their customers’ processes, including packaging

Over the following 20 years, hotmelt adhesives had emerged as an alternative to water-based adhesives, a much stronger and novel solution that ensures much faster, more reliable and more durable adhesion.

This trend has been evolving till now a day. Now at high speed production the boxes to pack food are no longer closed with packing tape. This process is carried out through the use of hotmelt adhesives. What a breakthrough!

Next, we offer a series of features of hotmelt adhesives for boxes and cases packaging of various materials:

Customized solutions

For Productos Colcar your satisfaction is our maxim. Therefore, we offer you personalized solutions with the sole aim of improving the end consumer experience.

Our customized solutions adapt to all type of demands

In this regards, we work with different manufacturers to whom we provide different solutions adapted to their needs, for instance, GS-M-2002 is ideal adhesive for food packaging or H-601 a great solution for e-commerce boxes or agency envelopes such as transport companies like DHL, UPS, etc.

We also have H-651, very suitable for cardboard or plastic displays that are used in large areas or pharmacies, and the GS-422-R widely used for making cork or plastic caps, in addition also for manufacturing tetra-pack and gluing straw at one side on the carton juice

There is no doubt that application of hotmelt adhesives is the best choice when it comes to sealing and/or mounting boxes for the food industry.

If you need more information about these adhesives and their benefits, you can contact us through

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