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Who we are

A benchmark in industrial adhesives industry

In the year 1955 we founded the industrial adhesive company Francisco Remolà Campos in Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona -Spain-). In our plant we manufactured adhesives with dextrins, starches, and other natural products for bookbinding, packaging and labelling.

At the beginning of seventies, we were one of the first companies to manufacture and introduce the hotmelt adhesives in Spain, too much demanded in some industrial sectors due to their low toxicity, easy use, efficiency in a lot of surfaces and the most important is they don’t require a dried time’s like aqueous adhesives and they don’t have toxicity and inflammation danger like solvent base adhesives.

In 2009 we moved to Rubí (Barcelona -Spain-), to a modern and more large installations and we change our company name to Productos Colcar SL, which came associated with us by our trademark (Colcar was a trademark of Francisco Remolà Campos). Here, in the new place, we are continuously developing new formulations and testing new technologies to offer a personal service to our customers.

In 2016 we have extended our installations with the building of a new industrial unit, adjacent to our plant in Rubí and which will be used as warehouse of products and raw materials. The increase of sales, especially in international level and therefore the rising of production have motivated this enlargement of our factory.

Colcar factory adhesives
Colcar products

Wide offer

Discover our wide range of products

Although we are a reference in bookbinding market for our dilated experience of about 60 years, also we offer and have an important knowledge in adhesives for mattresses, cases, packaging, floor tiles, top bottles, labels, paper boxes, etc.

Now we have five products range with the trademarks:

Hotmelt adhesives

  • Goma Soli
  • Colcar

Aqueous adhesives

  • Colcaflex
  • Engomados
  • Goma Sintética

Custom-fitted industrial adhesives

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