Renewable energy

Colcar uses renewable energy

Productos Colcar, S.L. It is a company very committed with the environment. So much so that one of the purposes that has been set for this new year 2020 is based on the fact that all the energy required for the manufacture of its industrial adhesives comes from renewable sources. In this way, the entity will reduce the environmental impact, thus becoming a much more ecological and environmentally friendly company.

Productos Colcar, S.L. is a company committed to social, economic and environmental improvement. This reality is linked to a company philosophy based on the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

One of these principles refers to the environmental responsibility of organizations. A key aspect for our entity, which translates into a series of commitments made for the development of our activity as manufacturers of custom-made hotmelt adhesives for various industries.

Green energy, a social principle

One of the aforementioned commitments is based on the responsible consumption of energy. To comply with this, in the entire production process of our hotmelt adhesives we have replaced non-renewable electricity with “renewable energy”, also known as “green energy”.

This alternative, clean and inexhaustible energy is produced through natural resources and has great benefits for the environment, since it does not produce greenhouse gases (GHG) – causes of climate change – or polluting emissions.

Our need to find a marketer to guarantee that 100% of the energy came from renewable sources led us to the search for a marketer that had 100% renewable certificates of origin (GDO) certificates, issued by the CNMC (National Commission of Markets and Competition). In this way, Productos Colcar, S.L. guarantees the renewable origin of all the energy consumed by the production process of our references

Future plans

Future plans of this company based in Rubí are very ambitious. So much so that “in the coming years, Productos Colcar, S.L. will install photovoltaic (solar) panels on the roof of our buildings ”. This is assured by those responsible for society, convinced that only in this way the company will continue to show enormous respect for the environment.

Because, let’s not forget that one of the objectives of the Renewable Energy Plan 2011-2020 is to achieve, as indicated by the Community Directive, that during this year at least 20% of the final gross energy consumption in Spain comes from the use from renewable sources.

In fact, after the Climate Summit held last December in Madrid, the European Union has proposed to drastically reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Except for one country, the rest of the member countries are committed to a 50% reduction in emissions in 2030 to reach GHG neutrality in 2050

A social responsible company

Always with the intention of being a social responsible entity, in Productos Colcar, S.L. We develop an optimal management of our references. Therefore, we are implementing the Quality Management Systems and Environmental Management Systems according to ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015, respectively, for subsequent certification.

For us, the development of optimal management of our products is paramount. Hence, we will recycle 100% of them and reduce as much as possible the use of those that affect environmental and noise pollution.

But not only that, we will also manage the waste derived from the production process, which will be deposited in authorized landfills, prior classification according to the matter from which they are made (cardboard, plastics, glass).

With the application of all these measures Productos Colcar, S.L will contribute to the reduction of the environmental footprint and CO2 emissions.

This way we will get a greener world!

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