Adhesives for Top bottle assembly

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Adhesive for gluing tops bottles make of cork or plastic to assembly with a plastic, cork or wood capsule.

We have developed different adhesives based on:

  • Machine type: manual or automatic
  • Material and top treatment. We analyze the special characteristic of every client to offer the best alternative. For instance, some cork top bottles for spirit liquors have applied a paraffin treatment to avoid the alcohol evaporation, because in this form the taste of liquor does not change. For this reason, we manufacture adhesive with high adhesion and without any odor to maintain the final product characteristics

The top assembly between capsule and cork is a complex process that requires a lot of tests:

  • Tensile strength and torsion or turning
  • Extreme temperatures, cold (refrigerator) or hot during transport
  • Setting time
  • Open time
Adhesives for top bottle assembly

Our adhesives are compatible with all machines, methods of application and production processes.


In Productos Colcar S.L. accomplish the more or less establish norm that a 50-70% of cork of top have to remain glued to the capsule when you make Tensile Strength test where you apply a perpendicular force to ensemble cork-capsule while capsule is firmly held to avoid it movement. The cork has to be broken but a 50-70% of this cork has to remain in the capsule (remainder broken cork). This is accomplished if adhesive was correctly applied, with a correct adhesive quantity and with the necessary application temperature.

We carry out thermal crash tests with different humidity grades. We pass tops which remain during hours a 70ºC to -20ºC with a great humidity, and then we repeat this thermal crash with a medium humidity. Right after, we leave four hours at room temperature and we make the tests of tensile strength.

Requisites for hot-melt adhesives in top bottle assembly:

  • High heat and cold resistance

  • Flexibility at cold temperatures
  • Excellent bonding in top and capsule materials
  • No odour and low emissions
  • No migration of components
  • Comply norms of Direct Food contact

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