Adhesives for tile protection

Comprehensive line of pressure-sensitive adhesives

Packaging of ceramic tiles requires two different types of hotmelt adhesives:

  • Adhesives for box closing (cold or hot) where tiles are packed.
  • Protective waxes in the middle of tiles.

We calculate the exact point of adhesion of protective waxes to avoid that tail could broke or could scratch as much in packaging process in the box, as during transport and in the unpacking or posterior separation of tile pieces. The adhesive have to be easy to removal of tiles.

In the case of closing external box, we have to keep in mind if tiles are packed when they are still hot, thing that tent to be very usual or cold if they leave some time before of the packaging.

If tiles are packed in hot conditions, adhesives with high softening point are required to avoid that this temperature could open de box because adhesive soft up.

We could give a quick answer at all questions related to points before mentioned.

Adhesives for Tile protection

Our adhesives are compatible with all machines, methods of application and production processes.


Requisites for packaging (close boxes) of hot-melt adhesives in tile industry:

  • Quick adhesion
  • High heat resistance

  • Excellent bonding in the most common cartons
  • High fibre tear when you try to unglue
  • High softening point and good cohesion if tiles are packer in hot conditions

Requisites for waxes to protect tiles:

  • Avoid damage of tiles
  • Easy cleaning of adhesive from tile surface
  • Good heat resistance
  • Easy removal tile to tile

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