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In last decade, the mattresses and sofas Industry has innovated in a significantly manner. They have introduced new materials to give more comfort and better look to this products, but all this materials have to be glued between them, for this reason, our hotmelt adhesives for this sector don’t stop to upgrade.

We have hotmelt adhesives for three basic types of mattresses:

  • Polyurethane foam (PU)
  • Latex
  • Visco-Elastic foam

We fabricate adhesives for gluing all materials employed in mattress manufacture:

  • Glued of fabric which cover the pocket spring. They are distributed in independent rows
  • Different layers of polyurethane foam between them
  • Polyurethane foam with Visco-Elastic or latex
  • Mantle of varied fibre
  • Polyurethane foam, Visco-Elastic or latex with fabric of the lid, etc.
Manufacture mattresses adhesives

Our adhesives are compatible with all machines, methods of application and production processes.


We could modify our adhesive formulation in function of the mattress manufacture machine:

  • Automatic. The machine apply automatically the hotmelt adhesive although pieces are joined by operators in manual form, then, it comes a process of automatic pressing. They turnaround the ensemble and put adhesive in the other side and they make another automatic pressing. Process time is approximately of 7-10 minutes and the mattress goes out the machine packed, even in some companies goes out completely rolled and vacuum-packed.
  • Manual. This method require more time considering that a person apply the adhesive with a manual hotmelt gun and he place the pieces also by hand. In some cases pressing between pieces are made also in manual form.

For these things, we have to adjust the adhesives to manufacture open times and this implies to get ready an important number of adhesives for this sector.

Our flexibility permit us to can adjust every of our existent adhesive to machine needs of our clients.

Requisites for hot-melt adhesives in mattress manufacture:

  • Long open time for automatic applications
  • Very long open time for manual applications
  • Flexibility at cold and room temperatures
  • Excellent bonding in PU, latex, Visco-Elastic foams, fabrics and other mattress materials
  • Low tack when adhesive is at room temperature to avoid noise
  • Adjusted viscosity: Low for spray form and medium for injection

  • Low odour

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