Adhesives for Labelling

Comprehensive line of pressure-sensitive adhesives

Rely on our sales team we could deliver a comprehensive line of pressure-sensitive adhesives for your label needs.

Most of products we buy at present days in the market get some type of label. Productos Colcar SL have several variety of adhesives for perfect label gluing on the product, keep in mind the application system (injector, roller, spirally,) and the speed of label positioning on the product.

  • Hotmelt adhesives for gluing paper or plastic labels in almost all materials: glass, plastic, metal, paper and carton.
  • Casein adhesive, with high water and humidity resistance, for gluing labels in glass bottles or cans which have to stay long time in water contact.
  • Vinyl adhesives to stick labels on bottles where a hotmelt adhesive could damage or deform the material and when water resistance don’t be an important requirement.

Compatibles with different speed machines, we offer a different adhesive for every particular case.

Adhesives for labelling

Our adhesives are compatible with all machines, methods of application and production processes.


Requisites for labelling hot-melt adhesives:

  • Good adhesion in plastics

  • Very high flexibility in a great range of temperatures
  • High initial strength
  • Normally, low application temperature and low viscosity
  • Low odour and low emissions
  • In some use, it has to be very clear

Requisites for labelling casein and vinyl adhesives:

  • Good water resistance
  • Very high initial tack
  • Excellent bonding in all papers

  • Comply with indirect food contact normative

  • Easy cleaning
  • Fast drying time

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